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Baking the Blues Away

9 Mar

Since I haven’t been working, the weeks pass in a mixture of good and bad days. Sometimes I end the day optimistic, having sent out good applications and gone out and explored this big city. Other days are just flat-out rubbish, a toxic mixture of grey clouds and loneliness.

I had one of those bad days earlier this week. After far too long on the couch feeling sorry for myself, I decided that I needed to accomplish something, anything, otherwise I’d go to bed feeling absolutely worthless. I’d also had my eye on a recipe for maple-yogurt cake on Food52. After a quick trip to the corner shop for yogurt, the cake went from raw ingredients to baking in the oven in ten minutes flat. After 50 minutes of delicious warm maple fragrance, a moist, not-too-sweet pound cake emerged.

One of T’s co-workers described it as a “pancake in cake form.” It really does smell and taste like a lazy Saturday morning. The kind when the day’s flowing out in front of you like an endless ocean, so you may as well start things off with a big stack of pancakes drizzled in hot maple syrup, eaten in your pajamas.

So if you’re having a week so rotten that you’re convinced the weekend will never arrive, put on some happy music (I particularly like Motown and 1950s R&B) and mix up Rivka’s cake.