The Story

I’ve been curious about food and cooking since before I can remember. My mother blames the fact that rather than taking me straight home from the hospital at birth, she took me to a restaurant. But it all crystallised when I bought a copy of Gourmet (RIP) at the supermarket when I was twelve. Since then, I have been an unstoppable consumer of all things gastronomic.

But I don’t just read and eat. I love to cook, especially for other people. At one point I cooked for 60 people once a week, but these days my preferred dinner-party size is six.

I especially like big and bold flavours in my recipes. Lots of fresh herbs? Exotic spices? Enough garlic to kill Edward Cullen with one breath at a hundred paces? Sign me up! Anything Asian and Middle Eastern also gets my vote. But I still go in for old school food – dishes like roasts and spag bol are my favourites too. And my most essential comfort food is plain white rice with lashings of butter and salt.

So why am I here? Well, this is a place for me to talk about the things I cook, all the random foodie stuff I read, and anything food-related that’s on my mind. There will be many recipes, a restaurant review or two, and general ramblings regarding tasty things.

In terms of measurements, I write recipes largely in metric because I live in London and work mostly with British cookbooks. For my American compadres, this is a handy tool for converting cooking measurements between metric and imperial. Also, metric is just straight-up better, especially with baking. Why dirty a bunch of measuring cups when you can just stick your mixing bowl on a digital scale and dump everything in?

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