The Perfect Banana

13 Feb

I was standing in the kitchen, worn out from an hour on the treadmill and eating fruit whilst listening to Hot Chip when I had my latest food epiphany.

Man, bananas are delicious.

Not just any old yellow thing, mind you. It has to be at that perfect stage of ripeness, completely yellow with just a few speckles of brown here and there. The taste sweet and faintly tropical, the texture a delicate balance of starchiness and creaminess. When that banana is exactly right, I think it competes with just about any dessert.

It’s been three weeks since we started a new health regime, and one thing I keep telling myself is that I shouldn’t focus on what I can’t eat, but on what I can. It’s a chance to experiment with a new world of recipes I hadn’t considered before. An opportunity to become a better cook and coax the deliciousness out of largely unloved ingredients. It should be an adventure, not a hunger march.

So if I’m eating bananas, by God I will savour that piece of fruit. Though don’t worry, I’ll still bake the occasional cake!


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