In The Beginning

7 Oct

It’s easier to explain what I don’t like to eat than what I do.

-Pork and products that come from pigs. Well, I don’t dislike it, it’s that I just don’t eat it. I only stopped eating pig a few years ago, so I am still nostalgic about the taste of chorizo, proscuitto, and pancetta. Waving a slice of jamón serrano in front of me is a sure way to make me cry.

-Anything licorice-like. Fennel, aniseed, Sambuca, pastis, you name it. I can’t even stomach RedVines. Poisonous stuff. If I can leave the fennel seeds or the star anise out of a recipe, I will do it.

-Raspberries and blueberries. Yes, I’m strange. But hey, more for the rest of you!

-Ground and/or sweetened almonds. Marzipan is the creation of the devil.

-Things with flowery flavours, i.e. rose and lavender. Exception made for Hendrick’s Gin.

Other than that, it’s open season.


One Response to “In The Beginning”

  1. Lynne Hodgman January 6, 2012 at 6:17 AM #

    I’m with you on licorice and flowers. Hate all the licorice-related tastes — it’s a visceral thing. Same for the florals! (Jasmine tea, gin…ugh!)

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